January 23, 2017

Rabbit Pairing

Tips and advice on pairing rabbits

Rabbit Pairing Rabbit Pairing

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Petfinder List Of Our Adoptable Buns

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Petfinder List Of Our Adoptable Buns Petfinder List Of Our Adoptable Buns

Bunnies Waiting For Adoption



  Our beautiful Jersery Woolie, Daisy, is ready to go to her forever home!  This is a very sweet, gentle girl about 4 or 5 years old.

2015-07-15 13.45.38


  Savannah is ready to go to her forever home. Full of spunk and personality! She an awesomely smart Standard Chinchilla bunny. She’s quirky about being touched in certain areas and will box and grunt (So funny, actually) but loves her ears/head petted. She is a big bunny (solid 7 lbs.) and strong. Turns into […]

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2016-03-02 17.03.07


  Xena is a young Dutch mix bunny full of energy and spunk!


Star & Juliette! ADOPTED!

  STAR ADOPTED!! JULIETTE ADOPTED!! These beautiful girls are babies about 4 months old.  They will be spayed in a couple of months and will be available for adoption (mid-December, 2016).  They were a bonded pair, but now can be adopted separately.  Playful, curious and very clean bunnies!

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Pen Living for Rabbits!

Sweet Home for Bunny: X-Pens  – Adapted from http://therabbithaven.org/Housing.html   X-pen with lightweight walls and handmade houses of cardboard. Loving, friendly environments for the rabbit in your family.     Portable wire exercise pens are the most versatile, the easiest to clean, and the best way to give your rabbit what they need. Space, toys […]

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